• Covers the occupational, educational and recreational needs for people with disabilities within the wider area of Nafpaktia and Dorida after the completion of their compulsory studies.
  • Is intended for mentally impaired adults with intercurrent disabilities.
  • Caters for the needs of 25 people.
  • Provides a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, nurse, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, auxiliary and administrative staff, a driver and a co-driver.
  • Operates in the Lygia district in Nafpaktos at Androutsou St.
  • Offers spaces for recreation, gatherings, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, personal and group workouts, creative activities, relaxation, bathrooms, support offices, a room for the preparation of breakfast, outdoor space – garden.


It’s goal is:

  • to improve quality of life and functionality
  • to rehabilitate and train the people, so that they may develop various skills (living on their own, psycho-social-kinetik skills e.t.c.)
  • socialization and social integration and rehabilitation
  • recreation and creative occupation
  • raising awareness and enhancing the ability to interact within a community


On a daily basis the Centre provides:

  • complete, specialized and personalized therapeutical programs
  • psychological and social support and consultation for the individuals and their families
  • psychiatric follow – up and medical – health care
  • transportation by Alkyone’s mini bus


Emphasis is given:

  • to taking advantage of all the resources available, the dynamic and the skillfulness of the team.
  • to the active participation and role playing
  • to autonomy and equal participation within the society
  • to collaboration with the family and the local community


Our program contains:

  • Everyday educational and creative engagement groups:

Groups for Autonomous Living, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Body and Traffic education, Handicrafts, Pottery, Morning Briefing and Daily Review, Entertaining and Creative Occupation.


  • In-house activities:

We engage in music, dancing, handicraft, painting, team games and athletic activities, cooking, housekeeping, gardening, traffic education, photography, computers, ecology-recycling, cinema etc. Furthermore, we organize celebrations and shows as well as field trips and activities within the framework of the local customs etc.


  • Outdoor activities:

We visit local refreshment establishments and the market, we go on excursions, visit archeological sites, museums, landmarks, farms, greenhouses, factories, we organize photography groups, traffic education and environment education groups, we follow cultural events and exhibitions, we take part in the “Alkyone” Bazaars and those organized by other societies, we use the public services etc.


  • Leisure time activities:

We engage in discussions, read books- magazines, listen to music, use the computer etc.


  • Activities in collaboration with the volunteers’ team of the Centre.


To sum up:

What is the Day Centre – Centre for Daily Care for People with Disabilities after all?

Simply put…

Just like the rest of us, after completing our basic school education, we  either continue our studies on higher levels, or seek a job, these people, have the opportunity to be creatively occupied, trained, socialized, entertained.