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What exactly is Alkyone’s Assisted Living Accommodation?

It is the result of a group effort made by sensitive people aiming at providing dignified living conditions for disabled adults in their own surroundings.

It was this exact effort that on February 2011 led to the creation, of a home for eight (8) adults with mental impairment and other intercurrent disabilities. This particular ALA operates in down town Nafpaktos, in a two – storey neoclassical building, that provides a living room, bedrooms, a kitchen, a space for various activities, a spacious yard, a garden, an elevator, as well as hygiene rooms, especially adapted for disabled people.


Far from being an institution, the ALA means participating in the very centre of life and not being at the margin…

It is a group of young people, enjoying life in their own residence away from their families – as every adult at some point of life does- with the support of skilled staff.

It is the incorporation into normal life with the company of friends, but also the proper management of time and mood, offering a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

What does the ALA offer?

  • dignified residence within a family – like environment
  • quality services of care, education and entertainment through personalized therapy programs
  • support and counseling for the resident and his/ her family for a smoother adaptation into the necessary changes of life.


What is the target of the ALA?

  • to offer safe and dignified living conditions for the residents
  • to enhance the residents’ collectivity, togetherness, psycho-emotional maturity and their incorporation into the local society
  • to help the residents to develop skills and initiatives, in order to enable them to plan and handle their every-day lives and then actively take over adult roles
  • to respond to the residents’ needs and choices



  • education in autonomous living: personal hygiene, housekeeping, gardening, preparation of meals, transactions with public and private services and interaction at department stores
  •  occupation including music, dancing, painting, games, sports, watching movies and organizing celebrations.
  •   recreational and educational outings in the local community, excursions, participation in local cultural events, visits to exhibitions and other shows.


Support Team:

  • Supervisor
  • Social Worker
  • Psyciatrist
  • Psycologist
  • Nurse
  • Caretakers-Facilitators