The Association “Halcyon” is a benevolent non-profit association, recognized by the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity,   included in the National Register of Voluntary NGOs .

It is specialized and activated in the field of people with disabilities since 2003, in the city of Nafpaktos and the wider area, where there is no other relevant state or private institution for the care of the disabled.

The prime-movers of the Association are the parents-guardians of people with disabilities, whose future is, unfortunately, uncertain, as well as people or institutions sensitized on similar social issues in the area.

Activities : (July 2003 – today)

We make a short report of proceedings below:

  • Registration of families – members of people with disabilities.
  • Registration of volunteers with valuable experience in the past on activities related to the specific sensitive field of people with disabilities.
  • Creation of a record of new volunteers and their training on the operational framework of the Association.
  • Organization of children handiwork exhibitions.
  • The running of the 4/seat Special School of Nafpaktos and its staffing with teachers specialized in children education, as well as its accommodation in a building that will be soon constructed, was claimed and achieved.
  • We contributed significantly, since June 2006, to the foundation of the Workshop of Special Professional Training in Nafpaktos, for children who graduate from the Special School, so that they will be trained until the age of 25.
  • The implementation of a project financed by the EU, through the Region of Western Greece, for the creation of a Center for Creative Occupation, for the afternoon occupation of children, was claimed and achieved, in cooperation with the Development Agency of the Municipality of Nafpaktos.
  • A theatrical group of our Association’s children with disabilities was created and four theatrical plays have already been staged.
  • A magazine for the promotion of relevant matters and the sensitization of the public on disabled people issues is published (10 issues).
  • Disabled children, who were “hidden” in houses, appeared for the first time to all the public activities of the Association, so we are able to claim that we made a significant step towards the coexistence, the mixed schooling of all school pupils and their full integration to the school and social environment.
  • A Scientific Conference with the subject: “Nafpaktos, accessible, approachable and hospitable. Is it feasible or just a utopia?”, was organized in Nafpaktos in May 2006 and June 2009, where special scientists pointed out the problem, sought solutions and tried to sensitize local authorities.
  • Finally, the multifarious activities of the Association include: sign language lessons, family support, continuous registration of people with disabilities, conferences, events, exhibitions of works, participation in social and cultural activities of the city.